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All donations will go towards improving the server, and the website. This may include upgrades for hardware, increased bandwidth for lower latency, or better software for the website.
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Here you can keep track on the progress of the servers main plugins. There is quite a lot of work involved when making these plugins, so everything wont be ready overnight, but we are making progress.
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    Server downtime
Due to a hardware fault, both the SvenCoop and Garrysmod servers will be down. Its estimated to be down for 1-3 days while I wait for parts to arrive.
Posted on 03 May 2010 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Merry Christmas
All of us here at GargStudios would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. It is a very special time that only comes once a year, so spend some time on one of our servers. <br /><center><br /><img src="images/tree.jpg" alt="Christmas Treet" /><br /></center>
Posted on 25 Dec 2009 by Willmaker    1 Comments
    New Kreedz Climbing Beta 4.2 Server
I have decided to replace the Spacebuild server with a Kreedz Climbing Beta 4.2 server to see how it goes, seeing as though we lack Aussie servers for it right now.<br /><br />If you havent downloaded it yet, you can do so for free at <a href=""></a>.
Posted on 22 Dec 2009 by Willmaker    2 Comments
    Unexpected Downtime
Due to recent upgrades and last minute changes, all GargStudios servers will be down today. The SvenCoop servers will come back up hopefully tonight, whereas the Garrysmod server most likely wont be ready until tomorrow.
Posted on 18 Jan 2009 by Willmaker    1 Comments
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