Donating will ensure the server will stay up longer.

All donations will go towards improving the server, and the website. This may include upgrades for hardware, increased bandwidth for lower latency, or better software for the website.
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Plugin Status
|=============| 100%

|=============| 100%

|=============| 100%

|=============| 100%

Here you can keep track on the progress of the servers main plugins. There is quite a lot of work involved when making these plugins, so everything wont be ready overnight, but we are making progress.
Server Rules
The following rules must be followed if you want to play on our server. They exist to make your time more enjoyable.

No Blocking.
No racial comments
Admins' word is final.
Be kind to other players
Obey the admins at all times.
Do not abuse the server plugins in any way.
Try to keep the use of profanity to a minimum.
Pornographic or offensive sprays are NOT allowed.
Do not exploit (eg. Unlimited Snarks exploit for one)
Do not deliberately kill crucial NPC's that are needed to finish the game.
Remember, this is Sven Coop. This means you should work as a team.
Do not spam the mic or chat. This includes HLSS and ANY music played over the mic.

NOTE: These are the main rules that must be followed.
Admins can add more at any time.