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All donations will go towards improving the server, and the website. This may include upgrades for hardware, increased bandwidth for lower latency, or better software for the website.
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Here you can keep track on the progress of the servers main plugins. There is quite a lot of work involved when making these plugins, so everything wont be ready overnight, but we are making progress.
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    25% off Price for VIP Status!
Thats correct. You read correctly. For the next month, the price for VIP status for a fortnight will only cost $3.75<br /><br />VIP status includes:<br />- Access to noclip<br />- a Green name <br />- Access to the VIP forums<br />- Limited admin commands such as starting votes, godmode, teleport and other commands I dont even know of <br /><br />This list can and may grow at anytime.<br /><br />This will most likely be a one time only thing, so dont miss out.
Posted on 15 Oct 2007 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Global RP
The server will run the Global RP gamemode starting tomorrow. Make sure to download the necessary client files, found in the forums.
Posted on 01 Aug 2007 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Garrysmod Profiles Wiped
Profiles had to be wiped for compatibility. I thought I had converted them properly, but looks like I havent.<br /><br />But dont fear!! We do have backups, and your profile can be restored. All you have to do is go to our forum and post your steamid, and your post will be updated, usually within a day (faster if Im on my comp )
Posted on 16 Jun 2007 by Willmaker    2 Comments
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