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All donations will go towards improving the server, and the website. This may include upgrades for hardware, increased bandwidth for lower latency, or better software for the website.
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Here you can keep track on the progress of the servers main plugins. There is quite a lot of work involved when making these plugins, so everything wont be ready overnight, but we are making progress.
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    Server is finally up to date and working
It took me a while, but finally the server is running the way it should be. Naturally not all the mods are back in, so if you want a mod added in, use the "request Mods" thread in the forum, and make sure the mod works.
Posted on 22 Jan 2008 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Big GMod Update released
As you all know the big gmod update has been released, and with such a major update, breaks a lot of mods. So far, a handful of mods have been updated, but many remain broken.<br /><br />If you see the server up, and there is a broken mod, please dont tell me about it. It will take time for mods to be updated. If it hasnt yet, then have patience.
Posted on 19 Jan 2008 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Merry Christmas
All of us here at GargStudios would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. It is a very special time that only comes once a year.<br /><center><br /><img src="images/tree.jpg" alt="Christmas Treet" /><br /></center>
Posted on 25 Dec 2007 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    GargStudios now has a WoW Guild!
GargStudios now has a guild in WoW. So, if you want to join the GargStudios guild, and you are in the Thaurissan realm on the Horde side, send a letter to Willmaker in game.<br /><br />And I do give "Welcome Packs" to lower level players.
Posted on 03 Dec 2007 by Willmaker    2 Comments
    Special VIP Promotion
For one week, starting on the 25th of Nov at 4pm until 1st of Dec, I will mention a special codeword. I may only mention it once, I may mention it many times.<br /><br />If you happen to see one of these codewords, PM me the codeword and you will receive 1 week of VIP for free!!<br /><br />Any questions just PM me.
Posted on 24 Nov 2007 by Willmaker    0 Comments
    Contraption Making Competition
Aus_Karlos has organised a contraption making competition. Winner will receive a free week of VIP.<br /><br />More details can be found at <a href="">here</a>.
Posted on 17 Oct 2007 by Willmaker    0 Comments
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